My Sci-Fi Library

Do you love to read Science Fiction? Not sure what to read next? Ever forget what you have already read?

Download the Sci-Fi Library for the iPhone, and build your personal, handheld library. Research, find, and track your favorite Science Fiction books.

Preloaded with 100+ classic, award winning Sci-Fi and Fantasy books. Browse Hugo, Nebula, and World Fantasy award winners, or search the Internet by title and author. Or, scan barcodes of your personal library.

History Maintain a history of every book you have ever read.
Search the Internet for your favorite book. Search
Hugo Nebula Award Lists Browse lists of Hugo, Nebula, and World Fantasy award winning novels.
Track books you have read, rate your favorite books, track books you own, and lookup books on Amazon. Book Detail
Book Photo and Description Review detailed description and cover photo of each book.
Scan barcodes to add books to your library. Scan Books


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