The Windup Girl

The Windup Girl, by Paolo Bacigalup, won both the 2009 Nebula Award and the 2010 Hugo Award for best science fiction novel. It is a dark, biopunk sci-fi novel, set in the 23rd century Thailand, where global warming is out of control, food is scarce, disease and plague are common, and governments are corrupt.

The novel follows Anderson Lake, a businessman and spy, and his relationship with Emico, the ?windup girl?. Emico is a genetically engineerd humanoid, designed and built to serve her owner. As society breaks down, Anderson and Emico face many challenges.

The Windup Girl is a fast-paced, action adventure, science fiction novel. If you enjoy post-apocalyptic, anti-society, biopunk sci-fi, similar to Blade Runner, then this is a must read.

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