Man Plus

Man Plus, by Frederik Pohl was terrific.? First, before reading, you should be ready for a novel that was written in 1976.? Personally, I love classic science fiction because it often speaks as much about the time during which it was written, as it does about the actual story.? Man Plus is no different.? While reading it, I stopped several times to remind myself ?this is how people viewed the world in 1976? (they smoked everywhere).

Man Plus is a quick, easy read.? The story kept me engaged, and I was never bored.? Basically, as you?ll learn within a few pages, the government is attempting to turn a man into a cyborg, capable of living on Mars.? The story follows his transformation, while also commenting on societal and economical conditions which are encouraging this project.

Although I won?t tell you, there is a great little twist to the novel.? It reminded me a little of Ender?s Game, where you find out at the end that there is more to the story.

This is a great story, and even better if you enjoy older science fiction.? Have fun.




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