Writing an iPhone App

I started writing an iPhone app for myself and other avid readers of Science Fiction.

I read a lot of Science Fiction. ??I occasionally forget what I have already read and begin reading a book for the second or third time.? Sometimes it takes a chapter or two for me to figure it out.? There is so much great sci-fi out there, so I don?t typically like to read a book more than once (except for a few classic favorites).

A few years ago, I tried tracking the books I read in Excel.? It seemed like a great idea, but I quickly forgot to update the spreadsheet.? It required way too much discipline for me.

I needed a better way to track my reading.? I tried a few other iPhone apps, but didn?t love any of them.? So I am writing my own.? I plan to combine the lists from this site with the ability to track reading history.

As I write this, I am already off to a good start.? I have Hugo and Nebula lists uploaded into an app, and I added the ability to search ISBNDb.com for any book.? After this, I plan to add a barcode reader.

Stay tuned.? If you like to read, this might be a good app for you.

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